Aloo bukhara Golden Rehmat Brand

Aloo bukhara Golden Rehmat Brand


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Red Chilli Whole Dried 3.5 oz (100gm) Rehmat Brand


Alsi Seed (Flaxseed ) Rehmat Brand

Aloo bukhara Golden Rehmat Brand

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Alubukhara Golden 14OZ (400 Grams) Rehmat Brand

Weight: 100 Grams

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Plum is a fruit that is related to the family of peaches and cherries. It is one of those fruits that are rich in dietary fiber, which in turn proves effective in improving the digestive system. There are thousands of varieties of plums that are available throughout the world, ranging in colors like red, blue-black, purple, yellow, green. Plums are believed to have originated in Asia and since then, they have been grown all over the world. The fresh and juicy taste of the plums makes it refreshing to eat them on a hot summer day!

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